How to Close a Account On Bet365

Step By Step Procedure For Closing The Gaming Account On Bet365

If you ask any sports lover to open a gaming account on Bet365, he will jump to grab the opportunity immediately. Of course, the features of either the Sportsbook or the casino products offered by the online gaming website are so impressive that a majority of the players love to have an active account with the website. It is very rare for a player to close the Bet365 account. However, if you have decided for your own reasons, Bet365 close account process is simple and you can complete the procedure in a few steps.

Simple Tips

Before going into the details of Bet365 close account procedure, some of the following information might help you:

  • You will not be able to deposit any amount into the gaming account
  • Similarly, no withdrawal of amount is possible
  • It would be wise to withdraw the entire balance from the gaming account before following Bet365 close account

How to Close Bet365 Account?

  • While you are logged in to the gaming account, access ‘My Account’ appearing on the toolbar on the top of a web page.
  • Five additional tabs pop up on the screen.
  • Find ‘Account Closure’ tab, the fourth tab from the left-hand side.
  • Click on this button.

When you click the Account Closure button, another relevant page would display the Closure Period Section. This further has two options viz., ‘Duration’ and ‘Until’.

If you select the ‘Duration’ option, you need to click on Please Select. Here, a drop-down list appears indicating different durations. You can select the appropriate duration of your choice.

Select the option of ‘Until’, and choose your own specific date up to which you desire to close the account. By using the scrollbar option, you can set the date, month, and year. In this case, the Bet365 close account would be active till the specified date.

Once you comply with the above details, Bet365 would ask to specify the reasons for closing the account. Your honest answer would facilitate the website in improving the services. Regardless of the reason, the website does not penalize you for closing the account.

On completion of the above step, click on the green button at the bottom of the page with “Continue” displaying. The moment you click this button, Bet365 close account procedure is complete.

Some Useful Tips

  • In case you desire to not follow on the social media network such as Facebook or Twitter, you can cancel those notifications too. Otherwise, you will continue to receive the notifications.
  • Remember that in case the gaming account has a negative balance, you cannot activate the Bet365 close account You need to clear the negative balance first and follow the steps for closing an account.
  • You can also ‘activate’ the account before the specific date of closure by answering the relevant security questions.

Though closing an account is painful sentimentally or emotionally, the procedure for closing is not painful and takes hardly a few minutes to complete the process.