Bet365 Draw Rules

Bet365 – How Not To Lose A Bet In Case Of A Draw

Bet365 is a trusted site for betting on sports,, casino games, and poker. It has gained popularity, mainly due to its legality in the majority of countries, and because it honors its player’s withdrawal request promptly. This site is rated high in credibility.

With a stringent registration process, the site makes sure that the players are well authenticated before they can start placing bets. Once an applicant becomes a registered member, he is expected to abide by all the rules of a business. The participants are educated elaborately on the rules that are to be followed while playing.

What creates confusion most of the times, is, what is to be done, in case there is a draw in the event. To avoid differences in interpretation, the site has laid down, in very clear terms, the Bet365 draw rules. Majority of the rules are common to most of the sporting events, however, if there is a variation for a particular game or sport, you will find a mention of the same on the site.

Bet365 Draw Rules in general

If you look around in the betting industry, you will find that most of the casinos make rules only to their advantage. Draw rules are no exception. In fact, the event of a draw gives them a good chance to gorge on the player’s money. Nothing could be more upsetting than to see you end up losing money this unceremoniously.

On the contrary, Bet365 understands the frustration of going off track in the event of a draw. Bets on sports like football or basketball matches are most prone to draws. Therefore, a punter who does not dig deep to analyze will fail to predict the outcome appropriately.

Bet365 draw rules are designed for analyzing the players and promise to pay out in a fair manner. These simple rules speak to draw money back.

  • For such contests like unpredictable football matches, punters predict the outcome during the pre-match show time and can choose to predict with half-time and full-time. The payout is applicable for any tournament or league. The rule holds true for new as well as existing customers in the site.
  • One also gets to go through the informative statistics provided by the site. Players can see league wise draw rates. For example, The English Premier League has the highest draw rate and French league the lowest. The percentage differs for individual matches though, and the payouts will change.
  • The draw result returns the full stake back to the players. In general, this is a safer bet for the punters.

To understand this betting market better, let us look at a scenario in a basketball match.

Manchester city is playing against Liver pool. Your thought – Manchester city may win the game. You also feel a draw is possible. You can bet on Manchester city for a “Draw No Bet.”

  • Manchester city wins – you win.
  • A draw – you get back the money you placed.
  • Liverpool wins – you lose.