Bet365 Canada Bonus Code 2020: Enter ‘365NOW’

In this article, we will go through everything that the platform has to offer and review the platform in its entirety. Bet365 has plenty to offer, so let’s just dive straight into it! We also have a FAQ to answer the most commonly asked questions, so this article is bursting with valuable information! Do not forget to enter the Bet365 Canada Bonus Code 365NOW in order to get all the extra offers and bonuses!

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Enter here your Bet365 bonus code for Canada: 365NOW

How to Register on Bet365 with a bonus code

We have made it very easy for new players to sign up for an account on Bet365 by creating a small step-by-step guide that can assist players during the process. We recommend players to reach out to the customer service department if they face any issues or have questions about the information requested during the sign-up process. Players can also find more information about this on the website if they have any doubts. Do not forget to enter the Bet365 Canada Bonus Code 365NOW if you want to get all the offers and bonuses.

  1. Go to the Bet365 website and click on JOIN NOW in the top right corner to get started.
  2. Select your title and provide your name and surname.
  3. Write your e-mail and your mobile phone number. These will be used to link to your new account.
  4. Pick your new username – this is how other players will see you on the Bet365 platform when you are betting or when you win one of the big prizes.
  5. Input your password. Make sure it is strong and secure and that you have it written down somewhere or remembered!
  6. Select a four-digit pin code. This will be used to identify your identity for customer service representatives when you are in touch with the customer service team.
  7. Select how you would like to have the odds presented on the platform – fractional or decimal.
  8. Tick the box to show that you are at least 18 years of age and that you comply with the terms and conditions of Bet365.
  9. Click on JOIN now to conclude the process. Use the Bet365 Canada Bonus Code 365APP to get all the bonuses.
  10. Almost done! Go to your e-mail and click on the link sent to you by the Bet365 platform to link your new account to your e-mail.
  11. That is it! You are all done! You can now make your first deposit and get started on the Bet365 platform!


 Q. Can I use Bitcoin on Bet365?

No. It is unfortunately not possible to use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency on the Bet365 platform. This may change in the future if there is an increasing demand for it.

Q. How old do I have to be to sign up to Bet365?

Players need to be at least 18 years of age to play legally on the Bet365 platform.

Q. How long does it take for a deposit to arrive in my account?

Deposits are usually credited to the user account immediately if the deposit is made using a credit card or a debit card. For other payment methods, we refer to the website or the customer service agents for additional assistance.

Q. Is it legal to use the Bet365 platform?

Yes. It is 100% legal and the platform holds all of the required and necessary licenses to operate as an online betting platform and offer its services to Canadian players.

Q. Is there a welcome bonus for new players on Bet365?

Yes! There are plenty of welcome bonuses waiting for new players to the platform. We encourage players to visit the website to see the most current bonuses and sign up using the Bet365 Canada Bonus Code ‘365NOW’.

Quality of Platform

Banking Options

Canadian players can choose between the most popular payments methods used in Canada, so most will be more than satisfied with the solutions supported. It is very easy to make a deposit and to get started on the platform and it is of course just as easy to withdraw your winnings again! We have listed the most popular methods below as well as the minimum and maximum for each method. We refer to the website for additional information about the different banking options or that player reach out to the customer service department who are standing by to offer additional assistance 24/7. When in doubt – reach out! It would be a shame to miss out on joining a tournament because you are waiting for a deposit to arrive, wouldn’t it?

Customer Support

The quality of the customer service is often something that players evaluate a platform on. On Bet65 they offer 24/7 customer service, 365 days a year and players can reach out to the friendly customer service agents by either e-mail, phone or by using the live chat. The live chat is usually the most popular method amongst players as they can get in touch with an agent within just a few moments. As a player it is reassuring to know that help is just a few clicks away and if anything should happen, then it is not the end of the world.

The customer service department can be highly recommended and players should not hesitate to reach out to the agents if they have an issue or a question. The agents will know everything there is to know about the terms and conditions and the terms for bonuses etc. to reach out to them if you are in doubt!

Bet365 Canada Bonus Code 2019 365APP

The Bet365 Applications

Bet365 has many different applications to choose from which is refreshing if you really want to dive into your favorite game. There is probably one just dedicated to that! The main Bet365 application is, of course, the most popular application but the others can also be highly recommended for each of their purposes. The applications can be downloaded for IOS and Android devices from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store. Android users can also download the .apk file and install the application themselves if they wish to do so. Remember to use the bet365 Canada Bonus Code 365app.

Bet365 Poker: The dedicated poker app from Bet365 makes it a joy to participate in tournaments and bring excitement with them when they are on the move. It is easy to choose between the many different rooms and tournaments and can definitely be recommended for any poker shark

Bet365 Vegas: If you love nothing more than sitting in front of the slot machines or try your luck with any of the other Vegas games, then this application can be highly recommended. The games have all been optimized for mobile use and offer an immersive betting and gaming experience when players are on the road.

Bet365 Casino: The Bet365 casino application opens up for a world of casino games on the Bet365 platform and diving into any of the games is pure joy. Players might notice that the layout can differ from what they are used to when they access the website, but this is to accommodate the game for mobile use and to make it easier to tap on the right buttons when it is needed.

Bet365 Live Casino: If you prefer to enjoy a live dealer betting expirience, then this is a great application that makes it easy to sort between the many games on Bet365 with a live dealer. The application is built to enhance the casino experience and that shows! After just a few minutes, players almost forget that they are using the application and not sitting on the casino floor, waiting for a free drink to arrive. To use the Live Streaming service you will need to be logged in and have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

Bet365 Bingo: 77 – all nuns go to heaven! This is a must-have application for any bingo player and the Bet365 platform has plenty of action to offer each day. The application makes it easy to choose between the many different bingo bonuses and it also makes it possible for players to chat with each other when they play. What is a game of bingo without the anticipation and watching other players also get closer and closer?

The Bet365 Mobile Site

While the applications offer a better mobile experience, players can also access the Bet365 website using the mobile site. This makes it possible for anyone to bring the action with them on the road – even if they do not have an Android or IOS device. The mobile site offers the exact same functionalities and betting opportunities as offered on the Bet365 website or the Bet365 application. Do not forget in any case to use the Bet365 Canada Bonus Code ‘365NOW’.

Our Review & Final Thoughts

Bet365 is synonymous with a world of betting. Players have a wide selection of games and sports to choose from each day and there is always something new added, so there is always a reason to log in to the platform. The many applications make it easy to bring everything with you when you are on the road or not near a computer. The fact that there are so many different applications that each covers a section of the platform also means that they have 100% focuses on the dedicated use. So, if you are an avid bingo player there is a perfect app for that. If you are crazy about poker, then there is also an app perfect for that as well. Bet365 makes it very easy for players to bring find what they are looking for directly from their tablet or smartphone. All that needs to be done is to sign up with the Bet365 Canada Bonus Code ‘365NOW’.

Another clear selling point for Bet365 is the 24/7 customer service which is comforting for anyone when they place a bet or make a deposit to the platform. Not many other platforms offer this kind of service, so it is very refreshing to see this kind of attention and care to their customers. The live chat is very easy to use and make it very easy to reach out to the friendly customer service agents whenever players need assistance.

Top 3 Alternatives to Bet365

William Hill

William Hill is the home of Greyhound and horse racing and anyone interested in these types of races will find the platform more than suitable for their needs. Players can also live stream many of the races on the platform and follow the action as it unfolds. William Hill also has plenty of other sports to offer and a large selection of casino games, so there should be something for everyone. Check out the website today and see what it has to offer!


Ladbrokes is a well-known betting platform in the UK and it has now also become very popular amongst Canadian players. There are plenty of sports to choose from when players want to place a bet and there are also loads of Vegas games and Casino games to dive into and add a little bit extra excitement to a dull day. Check the website and see what it has to offer right now!


With some of the best odds offered in the industry, this is a clear winner amongst many sports betters. Betfair has a clear focus on the many football leagues and other very popular sports, but players can find many different kinds of sports – even eSports! Check out the website today and see if there is not something that catches your eye!


  • Bet365 Terms and Conditions apply / New Customers Only / Commercial Content / 21+ Responsible Gambling
  • This article is based on our personal experience of the Bet365 offers and promotions
  • The validity of Bet365 Canada Bonus Code : 31 December .
  • Disclaimer: Always refer to the Bet365 platforms for the latest updates and information.